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946 entries without a single photo. Sorry to say, the photos posted here expire on Mar 1 2012 due to imageshack's new policy of limiting storage to 500, and I passed that mark years ago. I'll keep the blog open for the comments, but you aren't supposed to be reading this anyway :-) I've been at thevoiceinsidemyeye.com for a year now.


Hey you! Yes, you!

This blog isn't updated anymore. I have lots of newer stuff at http://thevoiceinsidemyeye.com. There's a link right above this post.




I now own thevoiceinsidemyeye.com domain and all further posts will be there. You can reach it with that address or by typing thevoiceinsidemyeye.blogspot.com, which will be redirected to the .com. I hope all my regular readers will add the new blog to their blogroll. This blog will stay around as an archive of my photos, but will not be updated after this post.

See you at the new site, and cheers!



Dontcha just hate those uppity annelida?

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This guy gets around.

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