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Wildlife near the asylum and pending fame

I visitied with Cynthia at Novel Idea today, and marked the calendar for my own little private photography show, the week of May 17. I will go in on Sunday the 16th and set up my display. She mentioned that I should think of prices for my prints (even though I don't have a clue about that sort of thing) or at least put my phone number on my signage. It's about time I got off my (well shaped, I've been told) ass and get something done with my photos. After that, I'll see about showing my photos of any subject except chairs ;-)


  1. Yay - now there is something to celebrate on 17 mai besides Norwegian Constitution Day!

    Put prices (don't, I repeat, DO NOT underprice) and your e-mail addy on the pics. Maybe note that different size options are available for prints, too.

    Don't put a price on your ass, though ;-)

  2. I better find a Norwegian flag so I can celebrate proper, Intell :-)

    I need to find photo sleeves for the prints, I guess. I'll investigate the best way to set prices.

    My ass is priceless, of course ;-)


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