Street photos...


Do not stand up, sit down, old bike.

One of a dozen or so scenes painted on a fairground barn.

All that's left of the Made 4 You artist collective downtown. I thought about putting photos here, but the monthly fee and 50% cut to the collective put me off at the time.

This bike was originally a medium to dark blue, but faded out over the six years it spent outside and unused. I traded it last year on a new bike and it was resold this year in a sporting goods store close out. I like this color better than the original one, but geez, that thing is scary. Whatever the new owner paid, it was too much.


  1. They can paint it all they want and you still recognize it. :)

  2. I rode that bike to work for four months, S. The color it faded to can only be reproduced by the sun :-)


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