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Wildlife near the asylum and pending fame

I visitied with Cynthia at Novel Idea today, and marked the calendar for my own little private photography show, the week of May 17. I will go in on Sunday the 16th and set up my display. She mentioned that I should think of prices for my prints (even though I don't have a clue about that sort of thing) or at least put my phone number on my signage. It's about time I got off my (well shaped, I've been told) ass and get something done with my photos. After that, I'll see about showing my photos of any subject except chairs ;-)

Out at Rockwood asylum

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Fruitalicious 571


Arch et texture




Study of a closed restaurant

Shooting through the window of the defunct Mexicali Rosa's.


Ice, light, youth and monkeys. Non sequiturs # 48

Just after the last hurrah of the city square skating season.

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Interesting shape for a sconce...

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No fountain of youth, this.

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One of the infinite monkeys has failed to produce his share of Will's life's work.

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High maintenance


On a country road


The Dead Pool, International Poetry Day

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Water aerobics:
dampened spirits flutter kick
in an empty pool.

The photo is one I shot 2 1/2 years ago. Thanks to Intell for the haiku.


Windows steps tubes globes

A jumble of various elements of the downtown. Buildings are empty or torn down, most are quite old. One East-West block and one adjoining North-South block is torn up, for the replacement of "the oldest limestone sewers on the planet".




Soft & wrinkly, smooth & stiff, or wide & grooved?

As long as it's yellow.

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