Street photos...



A bench, a chair, a wee Irishman

Framing store. I'd go here if I was selling big prints for big money :-)

A chair in the window of the bookstore that will be "featuring" my chair pics.

Just another drunken patron of the Toucan...


Cement will float...

...if you spread it thin and make a hull from it. Try not to store it near tree shoots, though.


Not home, home, not home, my photo show.

One of my deliveries is made to a bookstore in the downtown core, on the main street. When I was in there yesterday, I remarked to the owner that he had several small chairs in the store, but no pictures of chairs :-) He knows that I take photos, and he said, "I bet you have lots of them." I said that I did, indeed, and of benches as well. He said that people seem to relate to empty chairs. Though he doesn't have a lot of room available on the walls, he said maybe he could make a gallery in one of the three windows on his corner location.

Cool, eh? I'm not looking for a sale here as much as I would like others to see my photos. If people wanted to buy a print, Oscar and I can work out an agreement of some sort, I'm sure.

Now, to go through 10,000 photos and find all the ones with chairs and benches...



shrooms etc.

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From the "Don't know why I do this" files.

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Smoke and waste paper.

I don't smoke any more, but I do waste an occasional sheet of paper.


Faces on the street




Do dragons need a lamp if they breathe fire?

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Odds and... more odds.

The new sofa in situ...

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I should be getting a call next week to get an estimate for recovering my orange chaise/daybed. Naugahyde, bonded leather or leather? Original orange, or something else?

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Deep into the biggest colon you ever saw

Colon health awareness display at the Cataraqui Town Center. We just call it Cat Town.

There are more photos at my other blog.

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