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Sales, naked mannequins, blonde or brunette?

Is there a rash of naked mannequins where you live? They seem to be everywhere downtown. The hair color question has nothing to do with mannequins, of course. The shot at the bottom may be recognizable to some of you as it was posted almost exactly two years ago on Journalspace. At the time, I thought I should crop out the live person and let the focus be solely on the plastic nudes, but it didn't work; the mannequins still draw the eye, but the woman (who seems to be looking directly at the moron with the camera) completes the shot.

As luck and year end sales would have it, there were naked and headless plastic girls in the same window again. This time, however, I captured a brunette entering instead of a blonde exiting. Nice ass, though...


  1. bigger signs make it look like bigger boobs to hide.

  2. This year's crop is much smaller, perhaps these gals aren't as concerned :-)

  3. Anonymous3:32 p.m.

    Naked manequins: No. Old school buses, we have plent of them.

  4. You need to get photos of the buses, A.


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