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NYE in (mostly) B&W

My original plan for New Years Eve was to walk downtown, shoot a few photos, catch the early fireworks on the waterfront and maybe have a beer or two before going downtown. The first shot here is on my way to the main street. Someone's 2009 ended a bit poorly, but without injury. I arrived downtown early enough to see that there were perhaps thousands of folk downtown, some skating in the square, some at an event sponsored by our local rock station at its namesake arena, and many simply walking around like me.

I took dozens of fireworks photos, most of which are awful, so we'll pretend I don't have any more than what you see here :-) I proceeded to the Toucan for what was planned as a couple of beers...

I had no problem getting a seat at the bar, and Arthur and Connie were serving. Arthur's photos did not turn out. Oh, well. I still struggle a bit with low light and manual focusing, especially if I'm shooting a moving target. I was having such a great time chatting with random people and the bartenders that I decided to stay awhile. The bar really filled up after 11 PM, but I had my seat and I wasn't moving out of it. After midnight (no New Year kiss for me) a bunch of Toucan friends showed up, and after I paid my tab, I took my fifth pint and joined them at their table. I even danced a bit. Most of the photos here are of them, and assorted random people. I know the tall girl with the 50's glasses and her hubby, but can't remember their names. But I can name Robin, Barb, Maggie, Daniel, Jenny and Jolene :-) An occasional server of ours, Bruce, was working, too. He's in the white shirt and tie.

I ended up getting home at roughly 4:30 this morning, so roughly that although I didn't sleep very well, I just couldn't get moving until about 2 PM. All in all, a great New Years Eve, and I sorta just fell into it.

I wasn't sure if I should post these photos at my usual post resolution, so if you want to see them larger, just click 'em and you'll get them in new windows.

Happy New Year!


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