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Bones in the ice

I apologize for my lack of communication lately. I know it isn't like me to fail to respond to comments or stop reading for days at a time, but I don't feel like myself. It could be the cold or lack of daylight, or the long week at work after all the holidays, or maybe I'm just tired of being an outsider most of the time and living alone.

I am otherwise fine, and reasonably healthy :-) and thanks for the comments.


  1. Doug, you aren't an outsider to those of us who follow your eye and your wit. I for sure know what you mean about the daylight and the cold. Glad to find that you are well.

  2. Oh btw, I'm really liking these textured pieces.

  3. The ribs - I like that you named this set bones and have such great ribs to show for it.

  4. Winter. Blame it on winter.

    Put some reggae on and dance nekkid around your apartment -- you'll feel better :-)

  5. We all have days like that Doug. I haven't felt very well the past few days either. Blah and kind of moody. Seasonal affect disorder. Something. Great shots!

  6. Thank you, J. I don't remember seeing those "bones" until the river froze over. The level must have dropped first ;-)

    Sarah, no danger of my ribs showing anytime soon :D

    Clapton's "I Shot the Sherrif" counts, right? :-)

    Thanks, Anita.Some days I get lucky :-)


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