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Birds and bicycles

You may or may not know that I share my apartment with three bicycles. I have a cheap mountain bike converted to a single speed that I use for riding to work and errands. I have an eight month old mountain bike for forays out on the highways and riding to parks and trails. I bought a new single speed bike four days before Christmas. That one is going to be my city tourer and is not going to be parked and locked while out. It will always be within reach except when it's sitting at home.

Having three bikes didn't stop me from dragging home a frame that's missing its wheels. It's a late 70s road bike built in Czechoslovakia. I saw it on one of the walks Tyler and I take. I saw it on Dec 20, and again about ten days ago, and decided to bring it home if it was still there today. I'm guessing it was stolen and abandoned. When I saw it first, the wheels were there but removed, and gone the next time. I figure I can build another single speed with some used wheels and a few brake parts. Give it a quick paint job and either ride it or sell it.

Or, I might toss it in an alley late one night if I think it isn't worth keeping ;-)


  1. Bringing home strays now are we?

  2. You have no idea, S ;-)

  3. Anonymous11:23 a.m.

    Now that is very cool. Rescuing old bicyles. I knew I liked you! Where are the pictures of this old bike--BEFORE you paint it?

  4. I took some photos, A. It isn't pretty, but I will post them :-)


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