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Always fresh, won't be beat

Another old piece of Kingston is disappearing. There was a grocery store in this location for nearly 100 years, close to 70 of them run by the Bennett family, until the Loblaws corporation bought it out. Last year, it built a new store out by the 401, in fast food alley, next to a Canadian Tire store, and closed this one.

My mom shopped here every two weeks, when Dad got paid. Sometimes she would bring one of us kids, but usually not :-) From roughly 1979-1999, I delivered magazines here, to Bennetts, and then to the No Frills which replaced it.

I am a ten minute walk from here, (about six blocks) and I moved to my current apartment three months before it closed. Now I bike to the Food Basics, nine blocks further away.


  1. These are wonderful! Sad how progress can displace our memories.

  2. Hard to see it go, huh.

  3. Progress seems to bypass the old neighborhoods, that's the sad thing, MJ.

    I was kinda ticked off, A :-)

  4. It's not true that you can't go back...but, it is true that it's not always what you want to see. I have experienced this very thing in my home town on revisits.


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