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Always fresh, won't be beat

Another old piece of Kingston is disappearing. There was a grocery store in this location for nearly 100 years, close to 70 of them run by the Bennett family, until the Loblaws corporation bought it out. Last year, it built a new store out by the 401, in fast food alley, next to a Canadian Tire store, and closed this one.

My mom shopped here every two weeks, when Dad got paid. Sometimes she would bring one of us kids, but usually not :-) From roughly 1979-1999, I delivered magazines here, to Bennetts, and then to the No Frills which replaced it.

I am a ten minute walk from here, (about six blocks) and I moved to my current apartment three months before it closed. Now I bike to the Food Basics, nine blocks further away.


  1. These are wonderful! Sad how progress can displace our memories.

  2. Anonymous5:47 a.m.

    Hard to see it go, huh.

  3. Progress seems to bypass the old neighborhoods, that's the sad thing, MJ.

    I was kinda ticked off, A :-)

  4. It's not true that you can't go back...but, it is true that it's not always what you want to see. I have experienced this very thing in my home town on revisits.


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