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No Christmas photos, but Merry Christmas!

I really like these two. The first is at the old pool at the even older Memorial Center. I took about a half dozen shots before I was happy with one. The second is around the back of Power Station No.1 in the downtown.

The drive to Toronto was uneventful, but I did end up staying overnight. Chris and Emily and I went to breakfast and picked up their friends before leaving Toronto at noon. There was still a bit of running around and shopping in Kingston until about 5:30, but we finally stopped, went home and had something to eat. Chris and Emily have gone to a friend's annual Christmas party, and Wifey and Tyler will be coming back here tomorrow. I can use the rest ;-)

Merry Christmas to everyone at Blogger!


  1. Merry Christmas Doug, I love these two shots. Power Station No.1 indeed. Thanks for all your wonderful pictures over the years.

    I hope the new year brings you nothing but joy.

  2. I love them both!!! But my fav is the first one, at the pool. BEAUTIFUL!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and new year. May your 2010 be filled with love and peace.

  3. Merriest of Holidays to you and yours, Doug! Another week of excitement and smiles and then we can all rest until Spring. Enjoy!!


  4. Merry Christmas, Doug!
    Wow, the comment section seems to work today!
    Maybe because of Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Doug!


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