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Jesus and a gas pipe

I went out for a brief bike ride this afternoon, with my camera tucked inside my coat. I was out for maybe twenty minutes and I took no photos. My fingers were freezing inside my gloves and it isn't even really cold here yet. Tomorrow I'll need extra layers with a low near -20°C/-4°F. I will likely be cold all day, fingers and toes, anyway. We don't have winter boots with the green shield (safety regs) and thick mittens are no good for what I do.

Did I say already that I hate winter?

Horrible shot, taken on the fly. Maybe I'll go back on a nice evening and shoot a better one. Start holding your breath


  1. I am with you on that point. We're close behind you in the temp department. It got up to a balmy 15 today. If it snows anymore, I don't know where the hell I'm going to put it. We did have sun today though.

    I will say this, you are a better man than I...on your bike? Not this ex-Floridian.

    May is a loooooong way away.

  2. I'll be riding that bike all winter unless we hit really super nasty low temps. Truck won't likely run at -30C/-22F anyway, even plugged in. Diesels are kinda useless that way.


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