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Heartbeat (not a tattoo)

I was a bit slow getting a photo of the old Chevy pickup, and it wasn't till I downloaded it to my computer that I noticed the other Chevy behind it. I thought "Heartbeat" was a good name for the pic.

The other pic is something that caught my eye because light was shining through a metal butterfly mobile and shadowing the mannequin's face.

I had one day of vacation left, a "birthday" holiday, so I'm taking it Monday and having a long weekend. I could have used it Tuesday, and with my usual Wednesday off, had two days off next week, but I want to get it over with :-)


  1. It took me a while to figure that one out (the first one I mean).

    The second one. You could have convinced me that it is a real person with a hellofa tattoo. In fact, except for the tattoo, I think I'm in love. Nah, too skinny.

  2. I admit, the first one was a bit subtle, J. The second one, well, if the lips were done a bit better, she would look real.


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