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Hair and wrinkle update (narcissistic post)

When I finally got my ass moving today, I walked downtown to the Army Surplus and picked up the vintage leather jacket I asked them to hold for me. I visited for a bit, took a few photos downtown and walked home.

I needed a few things at the store so I slipped on the backpack and rode to the store and back, then decided it was too nice outside to stay home. I switched bikes because I haven't rode my newer one in about a month. I picked up the camera again and went out for about two hours. I got more photos of piers and rocks coated in algae :-)

I have this thing for bands of colour and right now water, algae (dried and live) and concrete are working for me. Your mileage may vary...

The first shot, I forgot to take the anti-tangle band off my leg.
The second shot is the arty, "portrait"-type shot.


  1. OK, the second one is...uh...more in line with your reader's vision of the Doug we all have come to know. No, not really. More in line with an old Miami Vice episode I remember. The rogue vice cop one.

  2. If one is going to be a rogue cop, then a rogue vice cop is going to know where all the "party favors" are...

  3. You sure didnt see nuffin..


  4. Yeah, the band on your leg just ruins the top shot for me. In the second shot you look like you've just got caught being a bad boy...but know you can get away with it :-)

  5. See no evil, AK.

    And I usually do, Intell :-)

  6. I love color so I choose the top one. Anti tangle band and all.... Looking good hun!

  7. Thanks, Andi The hair is still in black and white, though :-)


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