Street photos...


Plane musician santa killer

Peeking into windows again...

Peeking out of a window.

Yep, that's a near life size Lego Santa.

Jason3 (as I call him) hamming it up at Vanessa's place after the Toucan.



Nuked coffee, gadgets, and yellow (but not curiously so)

I broke one of my own rules, and nuked a cup of coffee. It was horrible, but I didn't feel like making any.

My mirror needs cleaning. So sue me.

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Heartbeat (not a tattoo)

I was a bit slow getting a photo of the old Chevy pickup, and it wasn't till I downloaded it to my computer that I noticed the other Chevy behind it. I thought "Heartbeat" was a good name for the pic.

The other pic is something that caught my eye because light was shining through a metal butterfly mobile and shadowing the mannequin's face.

I had one day of vacation left, a "birthday" holiday, so I'm taking it Monday and having a long weekend. I could have used it Tuesday, and with my usual Wednesday off, had two days off next week, but I want to get it over with :-)


Don't drink it.

Revel in its tainted reflectivity.

Happy Thanksgiving, my Murrican friends!



On the boat


Something besides water.

Getting on my bike

Gosh, I hate going back to work after a week off. I don't much care to got to work at all. I could very easily get used to doing nothing but wandering around with a camera :-)

Some shots before I head out the door.


Water: Not just for boating/swimming/peeing in

I live in a city at the juncture of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario. I might as well use the locale for another theme, eh?

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This part of our tour is over.

The first one isn't glass, it's dirty marble.

This will soon be over


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