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So, it's Monday again.

This is where I would tell you all about what I'm feeling, if I was that kind of blogger. However, I'm just not feeling the whole blogging thing, anymore. It's a struggle to read while I'm here or at KCL, and almost as much of a struggle to bother putting a post together. I have 350 photos that need to be weeded through, but I just deleted a bunch of resized ones; I decided I didn't like them as much as I thought I did.

In other news, I bought a Sony digital frame for displaying photos in my apartment. It's not big (8") but it was on sale :-) It retails for $190 here, the best price I saw for the US was $140, and that's what I paid--$140 (and tax). It took me a while to get XP to find its memory. I had to move the USB cable around and reboot to reinstall some drivers, but it's all good, now. It looks nice on top of the printer I paid too much for, but they are both covered in shiny blackness.


  1. Anonymous3:03 p.m.

    You have a blog I've always enjoyed but you must enjoy working on it. Perhaps its time for a break. I think that happens sometimes.

  2. I know the feeling. For some reason, JS was more fun or inspiring or maybe felt like more of a community so not so tough to sit and write and read. But even there I would have a tough time occasionally. Unfortunately, life also gets in the way sometimes. I should put up a new post about this last weekend with my family as we gathered for Nora's birthday, but I'm just too tired after a very busy day.
    So good night my friend. Rest if you need to, but please don't leave forever.

  3. A, I have projects I want to work on, but they require tools and materials, and a bit of initiative :-) It takes up the time I would spend reading.

    KCL is a good community, MJ, but as was the case with JS, a handful of members do 90% of the posting. Lately I don't think I have the words anymore to play along. I don't know if that makes any sense.


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