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Rock the fake legs and red wall

This rock formation along the lake is rather odd. It seems to have been eroded by water, sliced up and jumbled, built up with deposits and then eroded again. I can look at this photo a long time.

Tell me why I took this one, eh?

Riding home in the early evening, and the patchy sun on this wall made me notice this house for the first time.


  1. Anonymous2:38 p.m.

    Okay, you've got some good stuff here. I like this last one--the red wall because that is what most of it is. The first one would make a great texture. The second one....I'm trying to think of something related to composition...but I can't. I do liking into that window though. *)

  2. Thanks, A. The window shot was cropped down a bit, and I also tried it without the hand, but I think the hand gives it a bit more creep factor :-)

  3. Nice creep factor - great texture.

  4. Thanks, S. Now if only the hand had been upturned and a bit closer...

  5. Anonymous10:22 p.m.

    The rock is interesting, very interesting...

  6. I'll try to get out there before the weather gets too nasty, Burst, and scout it out some more.


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