Street photos...


A use for rainy days

I could write something to go along with this, but feel free to explain/critique/discuss amongst yourselves :-)

More photos from the road



From a drive Tyler and I took a while back.


Rooms with a view of the road, no rest for the rusting

I'm a bit ticked that one chair is turned, but I still like this shot.

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Just another old boat used for advertising.

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Trucks drive me to distraction

Next door "neighbors"...

Ugly spare truck.

Photography isn't easy from one of these.

You might think the name of this photo is "irrelevant". But you're wrong. It's "339".


Night things

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Late afternoon, early fall

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Maybe it was early evening, late summer. I forget.



A kiss and an orange door

It was only a kiss in a dream, a dream that featured my brother, my late dad, Vanessa from the Army Surplus, and a woman I have never met. There were also very strong house cats that were able to lift glass blocks.

Vanessa disappeared from the dream after I gave her and the two cats a lift. The cats were fluffy and affectionate, and I put the three of them in my van (I don't own a van...) and drove away.

My dad and my brother were sitting at a table and I don't remember what they were talking about. The mystery woman and I were lying on a bed, talking in low voices and I remember wanting to kiss her, but I am pretty sure she has a boyfriend. Nevertheless, I took her hand in mine and moved closer and kissed her. She leaned into the kiss as though she wanted to kiss me, too, and in fact we kissed twice.

I said I was sorry for doing that, but she said it was okay. Then, one of the cats grasped each of two glass blocks that were being used as some kind of display, and set them on the floor and walked away.

End of dream, and now an observation

My most pleasurable kisses were never the passionate, tongue sucking explorations in the preamble to sex. No, they were light pressings, lips slightly apart, and only long enough to make you want another. These two dream kisses were exactly like that, and incredibly realistic and pleasurable.

OK, that's all you're getting out of me. I don't write about my life because it is boring. My dreams on the other hand, occasionally are not :-)


Slide rules and bathing outdoors

I went out this afternoon for a bike ride. I'm off this week and the weather is a bit more seasonal than last week, so I want to get as much riding in as I can. I rode for about three hours, a bit north of the city and on an old railway line that has been converted to a trail. I eventually got back to pavement and finished my ride downtown in front of the Toucan, so I thought it prudent to replenish all those electrolytes with a couple of pints of Steamwhistle pilsner and an order of cheese and bacon garlic toast. I didn't really need dessert, but it's my vacation and I'll pig out if I want to :-) so I had a large dipped cone from the Dairy Queen.

I should be good until tomorrow...

These photos have nothing to do with my ride today. I shot some, but they'll have to go in the queue.



Contrails and bathroom boobies

The late afternoon/early evening when I shot these photos, the sky was full of contrails for some reason. We have a small airport that handles the occasional small jet, but the nearest air base is 55 miles/90 kms away. I'm guessing Air Force pilots were out on exercises. It made for a pretty sky when the sun went down, anyway. The last photo is of bathrooms at Lake Ontario Park.

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For the amusement: park

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One more sleep until my week off. I didn't make any plans to go anywhere, but I think this is going to be one of the last weeks of vacation that I stay home. If I can refrain from buying too many toys, I should be able to finance a week somewhere every now and then.


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