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Seven things I like that don't require people

Seven things I like that don't require people:

1. Long, hot showers. They are especially nice if shared with a member of the opposite sex, but because that would be a digression from the topic at hand, I will stop right here.

2. Photography. Duh. I sometimes photograph people, but that doesn't count. Because they're really "subjects".

3. A big bowl of Shreddies with ice cold milk and a handful of brown sugar. I don't share with other people.

4. My iPod. Sometimes I play it through an extension speaker, but mostly I use earphones, so I don't disturb (and also tune out) other people.

5. Rearranging my apartment. I got that gene from another person, my mom.

6. Looking at architecture/furniture design magazines. I don't care what people think about that.

7. Avoiding memes at all cost. I would have liked to have avoided this one, but this other person gave me an award and I was happy to fulfill the conditions :-)

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Four people to whom I would like to pass this award to and read what seven things they like without the presence of another human are:

Elin. She paints, she takes photographs, she is involved in the worldwide artist scene, and she is a good friend.

John/Juan. That guy is always thinking, and he writes most of it down. He plays a mean blues harp and paints, and is an artist when it comes to being a handyman, as well.

MJ. She doesn't update often, but I always check in when she does. She listens to several muses, and she translates from them beautifully.

Jen. Her photos are wonderful, thought provoking, warm and scary. Sometimes all at once.


  1. These are all good things none of us would have known, had you not be coerced :-)

    I'll be back tomorrow to check out your friends...whom I am sure I will like.

  2. Thanks for the lovely words and thoughts and the award. I'll put it on my shelf with all my other awards...wait, I don't have any awards . Guess it will have the shelf all to itself!

  3. An award? Over where I mirror most of it, I got some guy who spells his name funny all worked up. That must be worth something.

  4. Yeah, I'm kinda secretive that way, jj ;-)

    It's my first, too, MJ. The shelf was bare till this one :-)

    I'll have to have a look, Juan, after work today.

  5. You're a good sport. For some reason I had to really psych myself into doing the acceptance post. But it worked.

  6. I generally dislike memes, especially if they're like, 40 questions, but this one was easy, Intell.


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