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Separating the wheat from the chaff

I have a huge backlog of unsorted photos on my hard drive (334 as of last night), and there's no way I can post them all. In the Journalspace days, I would post two or three times a day and maybe four to six times on Saturdays and Sundays, and often I would run out of photos. Remember Post Whore Sundays, anyone? I have posted thirty pics in a single day.

Mostly what I do is simply photograph parts of my day, the bits that I think are interesting. I end up with a lot of what I call "snapshots" or "touristy" photos. I realize that not everyone will find what I did, during any day in particular, particularly interesting. However, the more photos I have in backlog, the harder it gets to decide what to post, so I have had to force myself to re-evaluate my photos, and try to weed out the tourist and snapshot stuff (for the most part.)

The advantage of storing instead of shooting and immediate posting is that I look at my photos a lot closer now, and I can select the ones I like the best over two or three weeks. This means that I won't be showing you photos of martial arts students leaping and breaking boards, groups of crowd shots or endless street scenes even if the light was really pretty. You will occasionally see a set from one location, like I did with the Poker Run and boat display, but all those colours and reflections is like a party for me. Sometimes I like to document a building and show you a few angles.

Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean... I hope the photos I display are interesting and unrepetitive, although I may reuse a theme or technique.


  1. Nope, not interesting at all; I just keep coming back to your blog in hopes that one day you'll finally get it right ;-)

    Silly you.

  2. Ha ha ha. Thanks, Intell :-)

  3. Damn intell, quit reading my mind...10 hours before I think it.

    Doug...we love you, and your photos...jeez.

  4. If you really loved me you would have mentioned the Elton John reference :-) Just kidding, jj. Thanks, bro.


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