Street photos...


Rainy parking lot, no diving


  1. Anonymous5:07 a.m.

    I often wonder how Doug is doing really?

  2. The parking lot picture looks kinda interesting if you crop out all but the parking lot :-)

    Ever think of writing a poem composed chiefly of your subject headings?

  3. Should have been here to day Doug...major sloggy. Lots of wet parking lots.

    The two yellow curbs(?), almost look like surf boards.

  4. Doug is doing OK for a loner, Lou :-)

    Intell, I thought about just shooting without the street in the photo, but somehow it didn't have enough context for me. A poem made of my titles would be one fucked up poem :-)

    It would be pretty easy to hang ten on those, jj :-)

  5. Anonymous8:49 p.m.

    I like both of these, Doug, the reflections and the pool (you knew I would like that!). Come down to Texas...there is a lot to shoot here in the fall.

  6. I have a thing for glass and water, Burst. That pool is a five minute walk away (but is or will be empty shortly), and I should shoot more of it. I'm sure I could fill a few memory cards without any trouble at all in Texas.

    Comment rewritten for clarification :-)


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