Street photos...


Peekaboo, dead Legos, dead people

TV camera recording the crowd when Tyler and I saw SportsCenter live. Do you think the operator wondered wtf I was doing? :-)

Around the corner from my place. These were eventually swept up by someone after they got ground into rainbow coloured powder.

I missed the shot where she was draped over him at the end of their interpretation of a Shakespeare play.


  1. What were you doing? And more importantly...what's with the surgical garb on the camera?

    My daughter could relate to this...abstract sidewalk chalk art serendipity.

    My favorite Shakespeare scene...where he gets rolled over. Henry the VIII?

  2. It threatened to rain, and I guess they didn't have a proper camera cover, jj. I was taking a picture of the TV camera taking a picture of me :-) I'd like to know how someone loses a box of Legos on a street corner.

    I have no idea what play they were doing, I was just the guy losing the shot because his camera was in a plastic bag in case of rain ;-)

  3. Rats...I was going to ask which play. Romeo & Juliet came to mind.

    A lego is a terrible thing to waste. (As far as I know, jj, they're still not made in China.)

  4. Doug, I did fail to mention what fine photos they are, didn't I. I apologize.

    intell, made in China, disassembled in Canada.

  5. Intell, Romeo and Juliet would be my guess. I didn't read the sign nearby :-)

    Thanks, jj. No apology really needed.


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