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My Friday evening with a young woman

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I'm just going to lay this out the way it happened, no embellishing, no explaining, no shit.

I did my laundry as soon as I got home, and while my clothes were in the dryer, I had supper, so I would be ready to go out if I wanted to. As it turned out, I wanted to, but it was after 8 PM when I did so. After taking a few dozen photos, I thought maybe a beer was a good idea, so around 9:40, I went into the Toucan for a beer.

While I was there, a woman came up and asked me about my camera, and we ended up talking about photography for well over an hour, which may have displeased her boyfriend, although the guy whose birthday they were supposed to be celebrating didn't mind too much. After a couple of pints, I said my good byes, with the intention of going home, but as I walked up the street, I saw Tony sitting on the step of the Army Surplus with a young woman. She said, "Hi, Tony's friend" and we introduced ourselves. This young lady was very interested in Tony (who is only a few years younger than myself) but it was interest in him as a street person, not anything else. She said if we needed to use the bathroom, she lived a few blocks away and we could go there and then continue on with whatever we had planned for the evening.

Tony and I both partook of the facilities, but he left immediately, saying something about having a bad experience with someone as young as our hostess. After he left, she asked if I wanted to walk for a while, maybe go for a drink.

OK, I'm gonna say right now, that if a 20 year old woman asks me if I want to hang out with her and have a drink, I'm gonna do it, and I did. We walked uptown, went into a bar, and had a drink, which she paid for, and we talked about photography, her roommates, people in general. It was after we left the bar that she surprised me with the fact that she really wanted to find someone with some coke, and she was open to doing whatever I thought was a good time. Hmmm. As much as the ideas flashed into my head about lounging about with a young lady who was more than young enough to be my daughter (my boys are 25 and 28) I wasn't kidding myself, folks, I was happy just to have the attention.

She accosted several people on the street, trying to score some coke, and eventually we were in the area of my apartment, and I said hey, lemme go pee and we can continue. She looked at the photos I have on my wall, and showed me the ones that she thought were actually worth money (she has studied graphic design). She told me that I was a good photographer who needed more confidence, but who should be selling my photos.

I don't think she was bullshitting me, because I think I have a few good shots, but hearing that and being within touching distance of a young, pretty woman was about as good an evening as I've ever had. I was a gentleman, kept a tiny space between us, and had no delusions about anything other than watching her get high if she scored.

We left my apartment, and after a few blocks and a few more attempts to find someone with a line or two to sell her, she decided that maybe she should just go home and crash. I walked her to the main street, and we hugged and said good bye. I imagine she tried to find some party favors on the way home, but hey, I'm not judging. It was a verrrry interesting evening, and I am totally unscathed. If I was a younger man, I'd likely be stoned/drunk/passed out, instead of telling you all about this. Yay for being a mature guy.


  1. Wow that does sound like a very interesting night!! I'd agree with her you do have some really good shots that could probably sell, the hard part is figuring out which ones and where they would do good. That's also something I struggle with.

  2. I might throw a bunch at the web and see what sticks, Jen. Web space is cheap :-)

  3. 'bout time you got another opinion, up close and personal even. Doug, you shoot very, very good stuff.

    And nice to have someone to walk with, eh?

  4. Thank you, S. Yes, it was nice all the way 'round, and I do enjoy shooting.

  5. Honesty avoids backtracking later, Intell :-)

  6. Sounds like a good night. I hope you do throw some shots out there. You've got some beautiful work!

  7. Thanks, Kate! Smugmug might be the place, or Flickr or even deviantART.


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