Street photos...


Hula horse alley

Tyler and I spent the morning driving in the country. I put about 175 miles on the car. After a bite to eat and a rest at home for a while, we went to a building supply store so I could price various materials for a platform bed, then we hung out at Future Shop for at least an hour, looking at the electronic toys. After that, it was time to eat again, so meatball subs from Subway were put on our menu.

There is no way that I can ride a bike enough to take weight off if I don't stop buying food...

These photos have nothing to do with today at all.


  1. I gotta come back and catch up later. But, quickly...the last one is actually, ladders and lattace...maybe?

  2. JJ, it could be ladders, lattice and lineage (crown on wall) :-)


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