Street photos...


Hula horse alley

Tyler and I spent the morning driving in the country. I put about 175 miles on the car. After a bite to eat and a rest at home for a while, we went to a building supply store so I could price various materials for a platform bed, then we hung out at Future Shop for at least an hour, looking at the electronic toys. After that, it was time to eat again, so meatball subs from Subway were put on our menu.

There is no way that I can ride a bike enough to take weight off if I don't stop buying food...

These photos have nothing to do with today at all.

Windows aren't glass so you can see out, but so I can see in.



Not shoes, pig iron

Sometimes you see the shadow before you see the object. I thought in this case the shadow was more interesting. Everyone has seen shoes hung over wires.

From the people who will try to sell you the life size metal giraffe, emus and kangaroo...


Foggy Morning Breakdown

I stood on a railway overpass and shot towards the river and the other side of it. Sorry, I couldn't decide which ones to post. I took a few more than this :-)

The last one is a golf course, I was on my way back home.

Have a great weekend, eh?


Too early for art

I dragged myself out of bed well before sunrise (just after 5 AM) and rode down to the the ferry dock for some photos. After I shot these, I rode out Montreal St to the train overpass. Those photos will be in Part 2.


Music, meat, mama, Martello

All shot near the water, but the tower is ten blocks west of the other location.

I shot this for the toys, not for the yummy mummy booty :-)


Still ugly after all these years

Kingston Memorial Centre, built in 1950. It houses a rink, and is surrounded by a pool, several barns, and a fairground inside a gravel track, along with a big lawn in front, the necessary parking lots and some playground equipment. I shot a bunch of photos here a couple of years ago; I have a few recent ones I will put up in the future.


Mishmash #477A

Late afternoon sun in City Park.

I forgot where this is, I think it's in the square:-)

This is on the main street.


Separating the wheat from the chaff

I have a huge backlog of unsorted photos on my hard drive (334 as of last night), and there's no way I can post them all. In the Journalspace days, I would post two or three times a day and maybe four to six times on Saturdays and Sundays, and often I would run out of photos. Remember Post Whore Sundays, anyone? I have posted thirty pics in a single day.

Mostly what I do is simply photograph parts of my day, the bits that I think are interesting. I end up with a lot of what I call "snapshots" or "touristy" photos. I realize that not everyone will find what I did, during any day in particular, particularly interesting. However, the more photos I have in backlog, the harder it gets to decide what to post, so I have had to force myself to re-evaluate my photos, and try to weed out the tourist and snapshot stuff (for the most part.)

The advantage of storing instead of shooting and immediate posting is that I look at my photos a lot closer now, and I can select the ones I like the best over two or three weeks. This means that I won't be showing you photos of martial arts students leaping and breaking boards, groups of crowd shots or endless street scenes even if the light was really pretty. You will occasionally see a set from one location, like I did with the Poker Run and boat display, but all those colours and reflections is like a party for me. Sometimes I like to document a building and show you a few angles.

Anyway, the thing is, what I really mean... I hope the photos I display are interesting and unrepetitive, although I may reuse a theme or technique.

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