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Stopping to smell the algae

Kingston Olympic Harbour, July 9 2009

It has been a busy weekend. I finally finished (mechanically) my bike on Saturday and went to the Toucan. Drank a couple of beers in a park and hung out with friends until 1 AM. Drove to Toronto at 8 AM Sunday morning with Tyler and Wifey to visit with Chris and Emily. Went to the Ontario Science Center and had a spaghetti dinner downtown on the Esplanade. Home by 1 AM.

I think I'll rest and maybe take a short bike ride today.


  1. I want the yellow one.

    What is the Toucan?

  2. The yellow one is purty, jj. The Toucan is a pub where a group of us meet every Saturday at 6-ish for beers and burgers (or whatever else one would rather have.) I started going there about 3 1/2 years ago.


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