Street photos...


Photos that could make you cry.

Well, if you were a middle aged guy, who was already having feelings of being abandoned, (although if truth be told, it's likely that he's the one who always bailed) and then instead of going home, just has to stop by the old fairgrounds where an old barn is being torn down and take photos of that instead of the young woman playing softball with her friends, you might want to cry, but if you don't fit any of those descriptions these photos shouldn't bother you at all...


  1. Ooooo,sorry! Not easy to see memories torn down.

  2. I have been watching building being torn down for over 40 years. It is nice to meet a brother.

  3. The fairgrounds and I are approximately the same age, MJ.

    Some I don't mind seeing gone, Punch, but others seem to be old and ready for razing when we still think they're useful. What do we know, eh?

  4. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with age, Doug, or at least not necessarily. I used to take a lot of photos of those parts of my town that were derelict and empty, or that were being demolished. They’re usually more interesting subjects than a new building, and while they might be on a par with older but still used ones, they have a certain wistful appeal.

  5. I think I'm getting softer with age, Simon. Old buildings and what happened to them never bothered me before. Now I see them as things that were just always there, and then they're gone.


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