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International Man of Misery

That's supposed to be "Mystery" but I don't have secrets worth telling, not that I'm going to tell you, anyway ;-) I used that title because I finally have a passport, so I'm able to spread the misery around :-) Now if I only liked to fly...

I have a lot of photos of this bridge, but seeing as how it was holding me up at the time, and I was able to get right up next to the barrier, I thought, "What the hell." The morning light and conversion to B&W works well here.

Scene from a parking garage, looking onto the rear of some main street buildings.

Old reflected in new-ish.


  1. The bridge is awesome. Could be from any era. 1940's on in my book anyway.

    Amazing the heaving intricate metal, holding up traffic, changing the course and flow of life...all for a sailboat motoring out. I love sailing.

  2. Love the perspective in the bridge photo.

    Several things struck me in the second one. Two satellite dishes! One on the roof, one on the porch. The cheap, plastic Chinese lawn chairs...just like in the U.S. The desert plant, and what appears to be a refrigerator. Can't figure out what the two black things, hanging off the porch below are, though.

    The old and the new. The new in need of a bit of scrubbing, methinks.

  3. Cool pics, love the one of the bridge.

  4. S, a good opening shot to a film noir, perhaps? The best fresh water sailing in the world, just to the left of that bridge :-)

    There's three dishes, jj, one facing left, but it may be commercial telecommunications. The black things are air conditioning ducts for the buisiness below. It might be a few more years before anyone bothers with cleaning that wall.

    Thank you, Mr.F. My favourite shot of it so far.

  5. Congratulations on your new documentation. I got my passport last year (the old one expired decades ago), after regretting that I couldn't take advantage of great fare sale to someplace I actually wanted to go! I don't mind air travel, myself, but they certainly don't make getting on a plane much fun these days.

    I like the middle 2 photos -- the discord between old & new seems a theme in my life these days, maybe that's wherein lies the appeal.

  6. (I meant the last 2 photos...or the middle & the last one.)

  7. Thanks, Intell. There's a lot of old rubbing up against the new around here. We'll see how I do rubbing up against the cattle call that is flying.


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