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I wasn't really wondering, but...

My Political Views
I am a center-left moderate social libertarian
Left: 2.72, Libertarian: 2.46

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My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -7.33

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My Culture War Stance
Score: -5.48

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  1. Yep, guessed it. More or less. Well, kind of.

  2. Not bad. Me, I think I need to move to Sweden or Cuba.

  3. As stated in Jaredj’s blog:

    You are a left social moderate.
    Left: 5.73, Libertarian: 0.03.

    While undoubtedly on the left wing, I tend to temper my judgement with a certain amount of pragmatism.

  4. jj, we do tend to agree on things.

    EotR, Sweden is too cold, Cuba has hurricanes.

    Simon, idealism is often trumped by realism.

  5. True. But I like how the Swedes understand life. That actor who plays a vampire on True Blood is Swedish, and he once said: Hey, I'm Scandinavian. I love to be naked.

    Fits my cultural score, I guess.

  6. I have not seen True Blood, nor am I a Scand, but I like to be naked. Just saying :-)

  7. Indeed we do. That is exactly what I was going to say to EoR. *sticks tongue out*

    Wait, wait...what was that about naked EoR?


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