Street photos...


Colours and patterns, bodies of flesh and steel.

This is sort of a massive roundup of the Poker Run held in Kingston, ON over the last weekend. I didn't want to choose which ones to post, so I uploaded all the ones I liked, but kept it to thumbs for you to click if you want to see any of them larger.

This post is all about the colours and patterns and random cars. And a bit of tits and ass. Bookmark it if you can't absorb it all at once ;-) By the way, the "Lamborghini" is actually a Fiero. A real Lambo did appear, but y'all have seen enough Countachs, anyway.

The Boats

The Cars

Tits and Ass


  1. Is this really fair to the boats and autos? Where do you suppose I went first? Nice boats and autos. SPECTACULAR other items!

  2. hung up in the third area. I had a Valiant same color as the one in the photo, except mine was a convertible. I didn't buy it it from a friend. Damned thing had a quirky transmission. Sometimes it would stick in 1st gear, and I'd have to crawl under the thing, bang on it with a hammer to get it to move. I was young at the time and couldn't afford to have it fixed...if that was even possible. Drove it for two years...banging...and banging...and banging

  3. JJ, I did a bit of banging in cars when I was younger, too...

  4. Nice photos, but we hetero females like to engage in a little lechery, too -- weren't there any abs & pecs to photograph?

  5. Not so much, Intell. The guys were all in baggy shorts and corporate jersyes, from what I saw. Of course, I wasn't looking too closely at guys :-)


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