Street photos...


Boy talks to shirt near old Dodge, coins from above.

Folks like to drop coins onto the ledge of the ferry to get them to land and not bounce into the water. Not as easy as you might think.


American muscle, British elan

'66 Ford Galaxie 500 7 Litre (428 cu in)

Early 1950s Alvis TA21 (I think, but for sure it's British).

You get one guess what this is...

Love and marriage, horse and carriage.

The girl is framed better in the last shot, but I really like both expressions in the center one. I consider these to be very lucky shots.

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Photo editing without software

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My first heat warped photo.


I have stood inside prisons

I used to leave small magazine orders with the guards just inside the main doors to Kingston Pen or "KP". It is an uncomfortable feeling to go through those huge reinforced doors, only to wait in a small foyer until a guard opens another door so you can walk into the guard room. From there, you can look onto the grounds within the walls. I was always very happy to get out past those doors and back onto the street.

I will try to get a photo of the main doors.

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Ten years ago, you had to be a female con or a guard to stand where I took this shot. Three perimeter walls were removed. This one remains; on the other side are the backyards of ordinary folk. P4W was described as "unfit for bears, much less for women". Macleans published an article about it in 2000.

It was not as unsettling to be standing next to this wall as it was to be in the stone purgatorial foyer of KP, but the fact that I could freely walk about had something to do with that.

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I wasn't really wondering, but...

My Political Views
I am a center-left moderate social libertarian
Left: 2.72, Libertarian: 2.46

Political Spectrum Quiz

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: -7.33

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My Culture War Stance
Score: -5.48

Political Spectrum Quiz

Synchronized farting etc.

Square movie

Headless shooter


Water is for kids

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Bike, barbells, booty and bootie

27°C/81°F, feels like 38°C/100°F. The Oreo Brownie Earthquake from the Dairy Queen was tasty, but it didn't really cool me down much. Maybe a hot shower to open the pores and then switching to cool>cold water will do it. There's a breeze coming in but it's kind of weak.

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