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Dear blog, I think too much.

I guess I haven't been very good at communicating lately. I know you are here so I can let it all out, but I suppose there is fear that I might say too much, or say something that I feel now but might wish to retract later. Ever notice that most folks don't notice the retraction?

Tonight I just want to say although I'm glad for any outlet at all for what's on my mind (and I also admit that I rarely tell you anything), sometimes I wish I could come home and tell a real, live person about my day. You can only tell a small part of the tale through pictures.

This post will self destruct in 24 hours.

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  1. Damn, man. You are about to make me cry. I for one do not judge whether you are saying too much. Let it out. Isn't that what all this blogging stuff is about?

    Sometimes I also feel maybe I've crossed the border of good judgment here, but if someone is offended by it, I don't know what to say. They don't have to read my blog...and they don't have to react. It isn't MY's theirs. I know that sounds callous maybe, but hell.

    You are absolutely correct...I have a real live body to bounce off wife. You don't have that option. But I submit to you...all of us who follow your thoughts, and photos, truly care about you...or we wouldn't follow.

    That being said. I very quickly scanned my follows, and saw this, and felt concerned enough to take the time to respond...and I am sure I'm not alone.

  2. I'm not worried about offending someone, I have a good handle on restraining that :-) I just don't want to blab about things that matter only to my sense of not belonging. I'm not sure I can even express what it is I'm afraid of expressing. English composition was never my strong suit.

    Thank you, jj.

  3. I can relate so well, believe it or not. In spite of having kids and family, I'm alone. Yes, I have a bf, but he's too often not there when I need him (like yesterday).

    Express your feelings. We can only read you and not hold you, but we are here. {hugs}

  4. That's what I used to use the 'favorites' flag for in JS. It helped me to feel a little more comfortable putting things out there. It's probably an illusion anyway, because I'm lucky when my favorites read me, let alone others.

  5. Awesome photo - it seems to sum up exactly what you have written about in this entry. I hope that you feel that you can tell some of your readers what you mean. And that your Friday is a good one


  6. Here, here on all the above. You haven't said a thing we each don't feel at one time or another. In speaking up you have hit a nerve that speaks to each of us. Let it out, let it be what it is. It's universal.

    Great photo (as usual).

  7. Anonymous2:21 p.m.

    This is a powerful photo. You nailed the composition. I like the light trail behind you and the way the light frames your muscles. If you want, delete the words...they never convey what we really mean, but keep the image. The photo tells the whole story.


  8. Wish I could send u a hug across the ocean. Just write what you feel Doug, you have people who love you from JS, that will never change. I hate seeing you so sad xxx

  9. Dorrie, thank you. I know your BF goes on a lot of rides without you (where does he get all the vacation time?) *hugs*

    KIT, readership is way down here, but that may be a good thing, yanno?

    Thanks, Michael/Lerm. You are a welcome friend and part of a good bunch.

    S, maybe I just needed to whine. Sometimes it's lonely here at the bottom :-)
    Thank you.

    I have taken tons of self portraits as you know, Michael/Burst. Once in a while I get something I'm happy with. Too bad about the Yoda ears, though... Thank you very much.

    Just a momentary lapse of forgetting I have it pretty good over all, Sue. Thank you, and *hugs* and xxx.


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