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Unstructured steel and glass

I found this old railway spike on the site of some new apartments and condominiums, formerly the site of a locomotive plant. It was laying on top of the gravel. I guess it was missed when everything was hauled away, or the vibrations of heavy equipment brought it to the surface.

The five glass shelves were picked up from the street right where someone discarded them. Have I ever mentioned that I like glass?

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I spent too much money again this weekend. I decided to buy the printer that cost twice as much but looks five times sexier. I bought a new backpack, one that doesn't have a laptop compartment and an abundance of pockets. I need it for groceries etc. so one big compartment is all I need. It's only money, eh?

Oh yeah, I want a bed like this. I like the design, I bet I could scrounge the materials to build it.


  1. so many railways are being up-rooted, here, too..... it's a pity.

    Catching up on your past entries, too. Great pictures as always. I should post some of my cemetary ones... I haven't been much in the mood lately.

    I want to get a new printer, too. The prices have dropped so much!

  2. I love the contrast of the rusty iron against the glass.

  3. Thank you, Dorrie. I'm actually still way behind in what I have to post.

    I paid more fro my printer than I needed to, but I wanted a pretty one :-)

    Thanks, MJ. I was trying to get good reflections. I probably should have moved to another spot.


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