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Stupid water tower

It keeps wanting me to take its picture. I only just noticed the X's on either side of the center on the first shot.

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Don't know what to say about this one. I boosted the contrast some after converting it to B&W.

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  1. Anonymous7:38 p.m.

    I love steel...especially the contrasts.

  2. Maybe that's it, Burst.

  3. Aside from ordinary (ie rural) landscapes, industrial buildings are my favourite – though that may be because where I live they tend to be more industrial archaeology (18th–19th century), and dilapidated and overgrown. It’s always a delight to stumble upon the relics of some long-abandoned quarry, mine, limestone kiln, pulled-up railway or whatever, especially if almost no one else knows about it.

  4. We have some of that here, Simon, perhaps I need to get on the cycle and take a nice long ride.


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