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Repost because I'm lazy part 1

Also, I haven't been able to write anything new in ages. This is from Sept '06.

My darling,
Let me empty my bank account,
And max out my credit cards.
I'll pick you up, and
We'll drive to the keys.
We will sell your pictures on the pier
And I will play my guitar and sing
(not too badly)
But loudly,
So you can hear me.

When the storms come,
We will leave if we must, or
Sit in a corner of our tiny cabin,
Holding each other tightly
And feeling a bit ashamed that we
Make love,
When we should be thinking of our
Self preservation.

When you are old, and I am
You will throw my ashes into the sea,
And hand paint a little plaque with my likeness.
It will say
"He looked funny, and sang badly,
But I know he loved me".


  1. You remind me that it HAS been a while since you've written a post. This is a lovely choice to remind one with. I like the poem. keep them coming...

  2. I have been looking at my old stuff, and some of it is pretty awful, S. This one I like :-)

    Thank you.

  3. I like this, too. It's so honest.

  4. Thank you, intell. It is one of my faves.


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