Street photos...


Last photos from a malfunctioning phonecam

There are two more, I'll put them up later. I was using the cell phone if I really just had to take a photo.

In the winter, I get more warmth from that little beam of sunlight than I do from the heater the sunlight is passing through.

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This bay not available...

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232323.2 in case you can't read it. (144358.9 miles)

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This one is 234567.8 (145753.7 miles)

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  1. Just found your blog. Love your documentation of life with your phone. Can't beat it. :-)

    I'll be back. :-)

  2. Welcome, Teri. I don't take a lot of phone cam photos, usually only at work. My work pics are probably the strangest ones I have :-)


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