Street photos...


I sawed the end off a lens for these shots.

I removed about 3/16" of plastic off my EF-S lens so it would fit into my EF only extension tubes. It still works, auto focus and metering and all. It makes for a nice, light macro lens with a 2X magnification if I get really close. Here are two shots taken on my monitor( text and a photo), and two keys, lit by a penlight.


  1. You did what?! Nevermind...I like the results.

  2. You wouldn’t have this problem if you had a camera with a full frame sensor. Get an EOS 5D. You know you want one.

    By the way, I don’t know if you’ve already tried this, but in my younger days I also experimented with lens reversal adaptors, mounting something like a 30mm lens backwards onto the camera mount. I suppose you can still get them, though obviously you’d lose all electronic functionality, and all focussing and metering would have to be done manually.

  3. Wow - the only part of this post I understood was your description of the subjects. You are waaaay past my limited photography knowledge.

  4. I butchered a lens, S :-) Thank you :-)

    Simon, I would have done it especially if I had a 5D, then I'd have a cheap wide angle lens that can also focus from 9". Alas, the shops all want to sell you a 50D or a 5D Mk II. All my other lenses are EF, so they will all work on a full frame digital Canon. I have heard about reversing lenses, but it sounds harder to do that just using a hacksaw on plastic ;-)

    KIT, hi! I'm learning a bit at a time :-)


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