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Oh, Sushiq, baby I love you, sushiq...

But first, some shiny, empty chairs.

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I wonder where the spring weather is. Our temp dropped from 13°C to 9°C (55°F to 48°F) and we got a small hail shower. Then the sun came out (sort of). It's been windy all day, and I decided it wasn't worth trying to bike into the wind other than to ride downtown for a few minutes to pump up my tires on the work bike.


  1. Anonymous8:00 p.m.

    It was nice and warm here...spent most of the day in the pool...Fingers look a little wrinkly...

  2. I just got out of the shower, not wrinkly at all.

  3. I love the first pic a lot alot.

    It is hotter than heck here-89-90'F
    Too hot for so early in the summer!! Thankfully, it is supposed to cool down again to normal (77-81'F) by Tuesday.

    How are you Doug? Life treating you ok?


  4. That's too bad! And too cold!

    The summer has come to Denmark and we are having temps around 20°C - 25°C and dry.

    Last night my husband and me were having our first barbeque (grilled chicken and a salad) outdoors. We were sitting by the lake drinking wine and enjoying the summer is here!
    Hope your summer will be good!

  5. Pretty soon we'll all be complaining about how hot it is, strange animals that we are.

  6. Hotter here and it is winter!

  7. I'm very well, Gina, I'm still under treatment!

    I'm jealous, Elin. I'll let you know if summer shows up here.

    Yeah, I don't like really hot, either, MJ.

    Send up some of that hot OZ interior air, Lerm!

  8. sounds like our weather. Temps between 15° and 20°C but cool winds. crazy....

  9. I'm stating to feel that I can finally put away the coats, etc...maybe.

  10. Oh yeah, Sushi(q)...wasn't that a song by (?), from the olden days?

  11. I don't want any more crazy weather, Dorrie, I want summer :-)

    jj, I have fleece on standby. I had to wear some yesterday. Suzy Q was written by Dale Hawkins and James Burton, but has been covered by a lot of artists since 1957, most notably for me by Creedence Clearwater Revival.


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