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The fountain of county justice

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It has been an enjoyable day. I went out this morning for a couple of hours on the bike and had lunch at the train station. This afternoon I talked to Chris for a half hour or so and went back out for another couple of hours on the bike. The second ride was longer with bigger hills and I am a wee bit tired.

The photos above were taken almost a month ago in front of the County of Frontenac Court House.


  1. Nice shots - I hope you mean motor bike - a couple of hours on a cycle would kill me

  2. Thanks! I pedalled about 20 miles today, Lerm. It's good for me, it's helping me get back some lung capacity after smoking for 35 years ;-)

  3. Very nice shots. Sounds like you had a good day and the bicycling...20 miles is impressive!

  4. I wish we had the weather so I could do that every day, Nan. It isnt as much fun when it rains :-)

  5. *waves hello*
    Love the pic... creepy and awesome!

    and I am very impressed by the long distance pedalling! :oD

    take care- Gina


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