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Swamp cats

Standing on the Montreal St. overpass looking north east along the river.

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These are being used to build a new subdivision just this side of the marshy area in the top photo. Some of those houses will have a nice view.

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I had a productive day, if you count as productive reinstalling XP, all the service packs and drivers, the programs I use and the tweaking to get XP the way I like it. I recently added RAM and yesterday I replaced the hard drive. Hardware is so easy compared to the software. I was working on it from about 7:30 AM till 2:00 PM.

I also walked Tyler home and walked back. I got a few more photos to put in the posting queue, and while I was up there I picked up a few trinkets that I wanted back.

Not a bad day, really. I haven't done an XP install on any of my machines in a long time. I almost forgot what a pain in the ass it is.


  1. You're right. Software is much more of a pain than hardware.

  2. Build a PC in half an hour, load the software in a couple of days, KIT...


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