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Public toilet and Ben & Jerry's

A different kind of "empty chair", eh?

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The sign in the door means the local proprietors have defaulted on their rent. That's CLOSED as in not re-opening.

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  1. A friend of mine went to look at a rental house--an older, remodeled farmhouse--here a few years ago. She looked & looked but didn't see the bathroom, until the owner took her outside. There, on the porch but accessible only by going out the back door, was a full, "modern" bathroom.

    We don't need no steenkin' housing codes in Tennessee...

  2. Anonymous10:04 a.m.

    That's the "bean pot" dontcha know?!

    I'm thinking I've never had a Ben & Jerry's... I just may need to get out more often!

  3. I guess if it was a farmhouse, at least there wouldn't be neighbors peeking over the fence, intell :-)

    Lucky for me I don't like beans, S :D
    Ben & Jerry's is ok, but I prefer our locally established White Mountain.

  4. Anonymous11:39 a.m.

    Sorry about that Ben & Jerry's...I would imagine icecream is a harder sell up there in the winter.

  5. It actually closes for the winter, as most ice cream places do up here. This one just isn't going to be open this spring, Burst.

  6. Being a little bit lactose intolerant, when I indulge in too much of the second photo, I have to spend a lot of time on the first photo.

    Maybe that is too much info.

  7. Perhaps, but it ties the photos together, Mr. F :-)

  8. I hate when people leave crap in their yards - it reminds me of First Nations Reserves.

    We don't have a Ben & Jerry's here. Our most popular is something called The Big Moo in Sylvan Lake. There's another ice cream joint just down the street (AWESOME home made peanut butter chocolate) but I don't know the name.

  9. Lol, I have to laugh at the first photo, it reminds me of when the city did free old toilet pick up. The streets were full of old toilets. Lol.

    We only have one B&J's here, never been. I usually go to Cold Stone or buy from the grocery store. Cold Stone kinda sucks though. I always crave ice cream more in the Winter. Lol.

  10. I love icecream and it's not really that dangerous as most brands don't contain allot of dairy

  11. I remember driving around Deseronto (it's on a reserve) and there used to be a lot of junk, Kate. That was our only Ben & Jerry's. Now it's Dairy Queen or one of the dairy outlets.

    No one wants to carry the things too far, M :-)
    I rarely eat ice cream any more. For a while I was going to Dairy Queen after the Toucan.

    They better not be sticking that soy crap in my ice cream, F-B...


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