Street photos...


Passports and panhandling.

Is a beggar/panhandler supposed to be this comfortable? Just asking.

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Bonus random window shot.

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I am going to get a passport photo taken today and try to get hold of my guarantor. I want to get my passport application in the mail this week. I haven't ever planned a vacation in the US because I don't have one, nor do I have a car to simply cross the border.


  1. She owns a chair. As a panhandler, she does pretty good. (assuming female and not a blonde male with long hair that is.) Actually, I'm assuming a lot of things here...

  2. PS: I like the string "strap" she's attached to it. Resourceful.

  3. Yes, that is a female. I am almost sure of it...
    Panhandlers can do very well, S. One in Toronto was making $500 a day until she was outed by a local paper.

    I think it should be taxable income :-)

  4. about time you crossed the border! Say hi to you-know-who from me! *wink*

  5. You-know-who might not be expecting me, Dorrie :-)

  6. Anonymous5:56 p.m.

    odd window design...

  7. The window in the top photo opens like a roll up door. The windows in the bottom photo don't seem to match the overall 1800's vintage of the building.


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