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I have no photos of Neil Young

I only have impressions and a partial set list.

Neil came on stage wearing jeans and an Native woven shirt over a t-shirt with a frayed collar. He eventually removed the woven shirt, as it was lkely quite warm on the stage. He played many of his old hits and a few new ones. If there is a Neil Young song that it unlistenable, I haven't heard it. I liked them all, even the ones I hadn't heard before.

He switched guitars now and then, using a worn Martin for some songs, but it was Neil and "Old Black" that dueted most of the time. It is his sound, no two ways about it, although he does have a few ways to play it that no one has copied so far :-)

Everyone Knows This is Nowhere
Cinnamon Girl
Like a Hurricane
Needle and the Damage Done
Old Man
Heart of Gold
Johnny Magic

There were others I didn't recognize, but he has a new album. Eventually the show came to an end, and Neil came out for just one encore. He played All Along the Watchtower, Neil Young style, and finished with Rockin' In the Free World.

Although Tyler and I had lousy seats, we did get the occasional glimpse of him over the amps, and right beside us overhead was a screen roughly 8' x 15' that showed us closeups we wouldn't have seen if we were standing in front of the stage.

When he left, he walked out an exit less than twenty feet from where Tyler and I were sitting, and we got a good look at a music icon, with his scraggly, thinning gray hair and his deep wrinkles, and absolutely awesome talent. I love the way he plays guitar, too.


  1. Lucky you! Nothing like good live music.

  2. life shows are soooo awesome! and it's amazing how many "old timers" are still around or coming back. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  3. Big sigh, thank for the visuals. Lousy seats be damned, you may have gotten the best memory there at the end.

  4. I <3 Neil. Have his autograph but I have yet to see him~

  5. And it was good live music, Joan :-)

    Thanks, Dorrie. Neil is more than just a blast from the past!

    That's as close as I will ever get to a music hero, S.

    You gotta go, Lubie. You won't be disappointed.

  6. A big thank you for putting this show into words!

    I love Neil Young and I still listen to his old records on the record player! :-)

    Nothing like god ol' black vinyl!

    BTW, have you heard k.d. lang singing Neil Youngs 'Helpless'?
    That's awsome!!!

  7. Great post, thanks for sharing. I may have to throw some Neil into the CD and re-read your post.

    Or create a Neil Young play list over at YouTube.

    But I'm sure that none of that can compare to seeing the man live.

  8. Dale and I ALWAYS danced to Harvest Moon. Glad you had a good time!

  9. Thank you, Elin. Yes, I have heard k.d. sing that. She played here the night after Neil did, but I forgot that it was so soon.

    Mr. F, Neil does some bluesy stuff. Even if you can't call it blues, it's still played by "Mr. Soul" :-) I an glad I went, even if I had crappy seats.

    Thanks, Kate. It was over too soon, for sure.


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