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Fowl, balls of steel

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It's been a pretty boring day. It was cold enough that I didn't feel like going out except for a quick ride for some milk and bread. I bought a bottle of wine and had a glass with my dinner. It felt really strange drinking wine by myself. That's likely why I don't buy beer and spirits to bring home.

I discovered that the rear fender I installed on my bike was interfering with the brake. I moved the bracket forward, but that made the fender too short. I made a 5" extension from scrap plastic that kicks up at the end. It needs paint, and it's goofy looking, but it's functional.

I'm looking forward to going to bed and going to work tomorrow. I must be sick or something.


  1. "That's likely why I don't buy beer and spirits to bring home"

    I can't imagine how you live like that!

  2. You know there is nothing better than enjoying a nice cold beer on your own.

    i love your pictures it's great when you post something like the steel balls and you have no idea whatsoever what they were used for!

  3. That's life!

    I did that when I was single 100000 yrs ago, and it felt good.

    Why should you not live the good life because you are single?
    If you had a girlfriend you would be enjoying a glass of wine witj your dinner. Enjoy! Drink, eat and be hapy!

    You deserve it!
    Happy Easter Doug!

    PS: I like the steel balls!!

  4. Hmmmm . . . !!

    I'm not happy about my typo's!!!

    But; remember I'm danish! It's only small faults!
    Faults? Typos? Fejl? Stavekontrol??

    I'm tired, I need a glass of wine :-)

  5. I live quite cheaply, Lerm :-)

    I'm a social drinker, stu. I never liked drinking alone. I don't like eating alone, either, but I have to eat :D
    Thanks. The place that used the balls is mostly torn down.

    Hi, Elin! Yes, if I had a girlfriend, eh :-)
    Happy Easter, Cheers, and thank you!

    It could be because his butt has been broken off, WT...

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