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Wiggly and blue, straight and yellow

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I got a fair bit accomplished today after my doctor's appointment. I walked about six miles, but that's because I walked uptown to the bank, the Ontario Health headquarters, and Tyler's place. I stopped at a music store and had a look at a few guitars, but that is a very low priority, no matter how much I want one. Other stuff comes first.

After all that Ty and I walked downtown and then stopped at McDonalds before coming to my place. I might be ready for bed early tonight.


  1. The first photo is way cool!

  2. Thanks, Barb! Did it make you feel all wiggly...?

  3. Early to bed seems like a change for you.

    The First photo made me feel drunk!

  4. First one's a winner, Doug.

    The cigs are probably killing you...but Mac's is DEFINITELY killing you. Just sayin.

  5. Ahhh I like em all but i like the yellow poles...

    You take care of you...walking is good for you but not so good in the cold...*warm hugs*

  6. I usually stay up until I crash, Lerm.

    Drunk without an annoying hangover, I hope :-)

    Thanks, jj. I'm not sure if I want to take this drug, but it can't be any worsr than what I've been taking, eh?

    Hi, T! Walking is the cheapest way for me to get around, and I usually have the time :-)
    *hugs* back


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