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Who foots the bill for a hurt ankle?

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Tomorrow I walk uptown (in the rain, most likely) and get some blood drawn for a bunch of tests; blood sugar, cholesterol, electrolyes etc. Hopefully I'll have part three of the number two sampling done and I can drop that off as well :-) I have to fast for twelve hours, but that should be easy if I stuff myself beforehand, wot?


  1. I love those old brick buildings. Very nice.

  2. Imagine how great that building could look if it got a makeover. An interesting shot once again. Certainly nicer than the nurses' digs

  3. ouch better you than me
    that doesn't sound like a fun day off

  4. Brick sitting on limestone, Kate. It should be there for another 200 years :-)

    Yeah, the nurses are all crammed in tiny rooms, Lerm, but they all have a water view. A lot of our old buildings have been spruced up, usually it just requires paint and updates to wiring and windows.

    It was nothing, F-B. Barely felt it.

  5. I love that building too!! I can only imagine what it was like at it's prime. I love stuff like that, very cool!

  6. I can only hope they don't paint the window frames in the same color as the sign, M :-)


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