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Ten of us at the Toucan tonight. Tyler and I got a bit wet walking down there in light rain, but it had to be done, eh?

I had a chance to bring home a piece of the Toucan. They replaced all the chairs and placed the old ones in the alley for anyone who wanted one. I didn't want to carry one for a mile, and in the dark it was hard to tell what kind of shape the ones left were in. Oh well, I already have a pair of ugly chairs I want to get rid of...


  1. I have two chairs from my old store, they're nice.
    We're in the middle of another snow storm!

  2. You just keep that snow out there, Kate!

  3. Ten Toucan tipplers, Tyler too....

  4. Anonymous10:43 p.m.

    Okay, who bent the pointy thing?

  5. Looks like the perfect house for a hermit. Very lonely looking

  6. missing the bell...

    that would have been cool to have a souvenir from the Toucan.

  7. Love the building just hoe somebody fixes it up sometime.

  8. Suds sucking sympaticos sitting stationary, Scribbs.

    Bit of a climb for a vandal, SD, must have been an off course gull...

    I think it had a purpose at one time, Lerm, the rest of the house is being used.

    No bats in that belfry, Dorrie :-P)

    The house itself is in good shape, stu, dont know why they dont paint the cupola.


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