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Stop right there, revel in the serenity

I love a good non sequitur, don't you?

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  1. Anonymous8:55 p.m.

    I can't stop right there... it's no parking!

    I've had my own spa day today... mud and muck... I am fragrant!

  2. I can't keep up with your output...whew.

  3. I totally need my eyes checked! The first one, I read the street name as Bizzare, and the second as Serendipity. Lol.

    As always, awesome pics!!

  4. Ah the Serenity! - famous quote from The Castle - a great Aussie film

  5. giggle playing crazy tricks with my mind again

  6. I have a client that owns a serenity spa.

  7. And it's an honest, natural fragrance, S. Nothing wrong with that, or at least nothing wrong that can't be righted with a stiff brush and strong soap :-)

    Jeez, I have dozens still on the cam, jj, and I'm going out to shoot again :-)

    Actually, M, I haven't had my eyes checked in about five years, but medium distance stuff is still pretty good. I haven't seen any bizarreness on Barrie yet :-)

    What kind of film would it have been, Lerm, if the full quote had been, "Ah, the Serenity! Lets go get waxed!" Ha ha ha.

    Are you that easily tricked, F-B...?

    You mean it's a chain, Kate?


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