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Recycling doesn't always make sense.

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From the top:
Discarded eyeglass display glued to scrap white plastic strips
Glass lamp from Goodwill, $9
1984 Northern Telecom "Athena" telephone from Goodwill, $5
All sitting on discarded plastic dump bin display
Glass marble sitting in glass candle holder (Goodwill, $.50) containing ball bearings
Inverted glass ashtray from Goodwill, $.50
Mixture of discarded stainless steel plate warmers and plastic plates and bowls from Loblaws grocery store, about $4.

Total outlay: $20 and tax
Time to put it together: approximately one hour
Aesthetic appeal: Priceless? Are you kidding me? It's junk :-)


  1. I am loving this...both the piece and the idea. Very creative and aesthetically pleasing!

    We have become a throw-away society, because we are lazy and have no creative juices any longer.

    Junk it ain't, bro.

  2. I really like it to be honest! I was thinking it was something from an upscale store! Very cool!

  3. I agree with jj. I hate that we're a throw-away society! And I love what you've done here. Very pretty!

  4. Thanks, jj. I just can't help myself, I bring stuff home if I think it might have a possible use. I have three small sheets of frosted plexi, some 4' pieces of extruded aluminum and a few glass blocks that need a purpose :-)

    Thanks, M. At least I didn't have to build the lamp or the phone, but I could likely do both :-)

    Kate, sometimes I hate that I can't throw some stuff away :-) Thanks!

  5. HaHaHa! You crack me up. It really makes an awesome picture Doug, seriously... Hope you're having a fab evening.

  6. Thanks, GE. Just a glimpse of my artistic but goofy side :-) Hope you're having a great night as well.

  7. Good work. The photos and else on this page make me think you've further freed your creativity. Really good stuff.
    We need to do another song. Everyone who heard you sing Angsty Lamer Blues loved it, both lyrics and performance.

  8. Thanks, John. I'm surprised that our little song was as popular as it was, and yes, we need to do another. I need to put the mouse down and pick up the guitar.


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