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The woodsy part of my walk home, bottom pic first. I want to go get my bicycle from the other place today, and start riding to work. I have already told my taxi driver that I will be walking or riding from now on, at least until it gets too cold again. I will take the long way to work, just under two miles but very low traffic at 5:30 AM, and the shorter way home of about a mile on a low traffic route. Part of that is shown in the photos. Of a twenty minute walk, the woods is maybe four minutes of it.

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  1. Don't forget to roll your pants up!

    Little Man's bike is temporarily buried under 4 ft. snow drifts!

  2. Looks like you'll need rubber boots!

  3. It sounds pleasant...probably more so after the water goes away.

  4. I walk to work but it is a scence of highrise appartments
    a woman has disappeared walking the route I used to take in the town I lived in previously yikes

  5. That path looks well traveled, but probaby not as well traveled as the streets.

    I walk to work also, from the bed room to the living room. That is on the days that I get out of bed.

  6. I need a rear fender to minimize splatter, SD.

    Just if I am walking, Kate :-)

    It is not a bad jaunt when its dry, Burst.

    I am a bit leery of walking through there at 5:30 AM, F-B. Mainly because of varmints...

    It is an old railway spur, Mr. F. It gets more use than you might think as a short cut.
    I would never get anything done if I worked at home...

  7. It looks like it might be lonely sometimes.Other times, it would be the perfect time for pondering things...*smiling* I walk all over town here, but the only 'wild' looking place is over along the river.

    Hope all is well with you- Gina

  8. It is a bit spooky in the dark, Gina, but it is a very short walk through there. We have lots of wild paths near the river, too.

    Everything here is hunky dory, thank you! I hope all is well with you, too.


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